Our designs varies from simple to a complicated electronic circuits. for measurements, wired, wireless communications, and control circuits. from simple 8bit microcontrollers to 32bits microcontrollers.

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We have a long experience in designing and producing electronic and industrial projects also designing and manufacturing robots with high specifications and durability.

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As for maintenance, we have over 17 years experience in maintaining complex and various electronic equipment’s from telecommunications to machine control circuits.

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Recently we have provided the technical advisement service for projects and electronic products from the beginning of the project design to the production process.

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Our Company

Our company was founded in 2003 under the name of Tronix. From then until now, our company has been continuing to design micro-circuit and electronic projects using the latest microprocessors and microcontrollers ...

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Start designing your project starting from $500 ....

Our Projects

These are some of the projects that we designed and produced for our clients

Adjustable Multi Function Robot

We have the ability to design micro robots to industrial robots and from remote controlled robots to self controlled robots.