Investment ideas - SYSKOD

Bionic Knee

This knee aims to compensate the natural movement of people with disabilities by cutting the leg above the knee.

Electroluminescent Printing

Electroluminescent Printing ( for Advertisements , Card Printing , etc).


we have the ability to design micro robots to industrial robots and from remote controlled robots to self controlled robots.

IPS indoor positioning system

Used for factories and buildings for monitoring employees locations.

Advanced anti Jamming Remote ATM

Advanced Anti Jamming Remote ATM Security System Support. this system has a unique backup communications that helps preventing jammers from affecting the security system data transmission.

Medical Automatic AMBU Ventilator

1 automatically press and release ambu to maintain the ventilation process.
2 I/E ratio is programmable.
3 air flow volume measured and controlled by medical team.
4 SpO2 and pulse rate measurement.
5 lung pressure measurement.
6 programmable vital alarms.
7 all controls and measurements and alarms are read and controlled via 7" color lcd capacitive touch screen.

Multi Sensor Intelligent Blind Aid Cane

This cane will help blind peopel to sens the distance in two directions at the same time.
The depth below and the distance ahead.
And announces the person via sound or/and vibration.
This device is very low in weight about (350g).
Fast response. low priced accurate and durable.