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Our company was established in 2003 under the name of TRONIX, and we published the first monthly Arab magazine specialized in electronics and computers, and we also contracted with ceramic factories to maintain machines, presses, printing machines, ovens, and sorting machines. We also worked on maintenance of printing, packaging, cutting and pasting machines.
In the food field, maintenance of food canning machines includes cutting, sterilizing, filling and weighing machines. In the field of plastics, we have maintained injection machines.
Our work was not limited to the industrial field, but we contracted with telecommunications companies in the field of maintenance of telephone exchange devices and their wired and wireless equipment such as internal and external line cards, processors and interconnection lines between the exchanges in addition to designing electronic systems projects to protect from lightning and unwanted currents and support for communication systems such as increasing the range of lines Ground for Alcatel, Panasonic and Celticel.
We also designed many electronic projects such as designing automation systems for cars such as ambulances, firefighters and important personal cars, designing laboratory devices, smart lighting control systems, jamming systems on the cellular network of mosques, universities, measurement devices, robots, and many precision devices.